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Welcome to Whelan Farms SimAngus. Our Philosophy: Performance, predictability and customer service are what we strive for, and always keep at the fore front at Whelan Farms SimAngus. We use all the genetic tools available to us and help our commercial customers understand that information. The extensive use of AI help us produce the best genetics. We don't chase the extremes. EPDs are powerful tools, however we need to use common sense and practicality to utilize them. Balance is the key word.  We have spent a lot of time on disposition, udder quality, moderate frame and fertility.  If a cow doesn't have a calf every year and get bred up early, she is history. Finally, heterosis is real and will add value to your cattle, whether in the feedlot, on the rail, or in the productive, fertile females that will be the future of your cow herd. Our customer service is second-to-none.

Mission Statement

We strive to produce high quality cattle that have balanced EPDS, are functional, solid colored, polled, moderately framed and can survive the extreme conditions of South East Alabama, as well as anywhere in the country. We raise cattle to calve easily, grow fast and efficiently, hang a desirable carcass and provide an enjoyable eating experience for our customers.

Southern Excellence Bull Sale
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RLWF Tuition Velvet Y138
Sells • April 9th 2016

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Introducing Our NEW Bull

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